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Finally! At-home lab tests you can trust… with online results in just 1-5 days! That’s the genius of myLAB box. With non-invasive, at-home testing for COVID, STDs, fertility, and more, you can get the lab results you need without leaving the house. Collective sigh of relief included.

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Living a healthy lifestyle mandates a good diet and an exercise regimen, but you also have to know where you stand when it comes to threatening conditions like COVID. myLAB Box is here to help you get tested discreetly at home. No more visits to the clinic or waiting on line at testing centers to get the lab tests you need. With myLAB Box, it’s all a breeze!

Here’s how it works: First, you order your test online. Then, you collect your sample following the instructions and mail it in (this should not take more than 5 minutes). Last, you’ll receive lab-certified results for your tests online in 1-5 days… THAT’S IT! myLAB Box works with top-notch laboratories that are certified CAP and CLIA high complexity testing organizations. And HIPAA online protocols mean that all your data is protected. 

myLAB Box was founded in 2014 in California and offers the longest-running at-home testing for sexual health in the US. The company was the first of its kind to provide remote testing and treatment nationwide, with countless relieved customers who have received their screening results without ever leaving home. Now, myLAB Box offers over 30 health tests to help people address all kinds of wellness issues.





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      $30 CPA Offer

      Promoting the myLab Box affiliate offer earns a $30 CPA on purchases.

      As far as what tests myLAB Box offers, they pretty much cover everything under the sun. Customers can get affordable, discreet, and insanely easy tests for the following:

      • COVID 19
      • Flu
      • STDs
      • Fertility
      • Toxicology (drug tests and heavy metals)
      • Thyroid
      • Testosterone
      • Anemia
      • And more!

      myLAB Box is registered with the CDC, and you can easily pay online with FSA/HSA cards. It’s your one-stop shop for at-home testing you can trust. Fast. Easy. Convenient. Affordable. What’s not to love?

      How to Make Money Promoting myLab Box

      myLAB Box has been a leader in the at-home testing space for almost a decade, but the brand is experiencing an obvious upsurge due to COVID-19. Not having to leave the house to get tested, whether for COVID-19, STDs, fertility, or other issues, is a huge value-add in the current climate. And because myLAB Box has all the certifications and experience that consumers demand in an online testing service, we can’t think of a better addition to the RevOffers network.

      myLab Box Affiliate Offer

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