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Looking for full spectrum CBD oil? Remember one number — FIVE. Five CBD is the brand that’s changing the full spectrum game. Their innovative ratio of CBD to other cannabinoids is a dream for full spectrum seekers! Five CBD’s products are practically brimming with levels of cannabinoids like CBG you won’t find anywhere else…

Five CBD Affiliate Program

Five CBD Affiliate

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What’s the big deal about full spectrum CBD? In short, CBD is just one of many healthful compounds in the hemp plant. There are many other cannabinoids and terpenes that have been studied to have tremendous natural benefits. Proponents of the entourage effect (aka TONS of regular CBD users) assert that when CBD works in tandem with these other compounds, the ‘effect’ is more powerful and beneficial.

The thing is, most full spectrum CBD oil on the market today contains scant amounts of cannabinoids besides CBD. Brands can technically label products as full spectrum even if just one or two other cannabinoids show up on a lab test.

Here’s where Five CBD comes in —

Five CBD stands apart with their commitment to a 5:1 ratio of CBD to other beneficial cannabinoids. That means you aren’t getting dismal amounts of other goodies like CBG… you’re getting a power-packed punch every time!

And the independent lab results prove it. Five CBD has remarkably potent full spectrum CBD products with larger-than-average quantities of supporting cannabinoids, notably CBN and CBG. So, whether it’s Five CBD gummies, tinctures, or capsules, the entourage effect is always in full swing.

90 Day Cookie Length

Conversions happening within a 90-day window ensures you will get credit for the sale.

20% RevShare Offer

Promoting the Five CBD affiliate offer earns a 20% RevShare on purchases.

15% Discount Funnel

Five CBD affiliates use a 10% discount offer to incentivize their traffic that can double conversion.
Five CBD sources their hemp from domestic farms that follow the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s requirements. No pesticides or scary chemicals are lurking. Ever. That goes for after harvest, too! Five CBD has a 100% natural line sure to meet the standards of even the most discerning CBD connoisseurs. High fives all around!

How to Make Money Promoting Five CBD

Five CBD is an honest, transparent company with insanely potent cannabidiol and test results to back it up. For consumers looking specifically for full spectrum products, Five CBD is a goldmine, sporting cannabinoid levels largely unrivaled at this price point. RevOffers has selected Five CBD for their innovative commitment to full spectrum CBD oil in the space.

Five CBD Affiliate Offer

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