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Looking for verifiably potent, full spectrum CBD goodness? Fabuleaf has you covered. Meet the brand that’s knocking the socks off full spectrum seekers. By strictly using the flower part of the hemp plant to make their cannabidiol, Fabuleaf offers slam-dunk potency. Every time.

Fabuleaf Affiliate Program

Fabuleaf Affiliate

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Fabuleaf is a seed-to-sale CBD company, meaning they control the entire production process. Unlike many CBD vendors who purchase their cannabidiol or their hemp from other sources, Fabuleaf is intimately involved at all stages. It starts with killer genetics: The Fabuleaf bioscience team has spent years in research and development with different genetic varieties of cannabis. That means that the hemp in Fabuleaf’s CBD oil has been meticulously selected for its rich cannabinoid profile. 

Then, it’s all about the flower! While most CBD producers use the stalks and stems to make CBD oil, Fabuleaf does things a bit differently. Instead of incorporating these parts with lower amounts of trichomes where cannabinoids and terpenes are most concentrated Fabuleaf exclusively harvests hemp flower to make their CBD oil. And they do it by hand. The result is fantastically potent, full spectrum cannabidiol with high levels of CBD, along with other healthy cannabinoid superstars like CBG.

The proof is in the pudding! Or the test results, rather. Fabuleaf is a consummately transparent organization with up-to-date lab tests on all their CBD products easily available for view before purchase. These eye-catching, independent lab reports prove without a doubt that Fabuleaf has some seriously potent CBD oil on their hands…

90 Day Cookie Length

Conversions happening within a 90-day window ensures you will get credit for the sale.

25% RevShare

Promoting the Fabuleaf  affiliate offer earns a 25% RevShare on purchase.

10% Discount Funnel

Fabuleaf affiliates use a 10% discount offer to incentivize their traffic that can double conversion.
Fabuleaf offers refreshingly simple CBD supplements with pure, all-natural ingredients that are the perfect complement to their famously potent cannabidiol. For people who care about where their CBD comes from and only want the best, Fabuleaf is a breath of fresh air.

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Lots of CBD companies offer supposedly ‘full spectrum’ products, but the test results don’t always check out. With Fabuleaf, consumers can feel confident that they are indeed getting one of the most potent full spectrum CBD options on the market. Because of their commitment to transparency and growing their hemp with unparalleled care and intention, Fabuleaf makes an excellent addition to the RevOffers network

Fabuleaf Affiliate Offer

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