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CBD at CVS? It doesn’t get much more accessible than that! Meet CBDMEDIC, a mainstream CBD vendor who nails the approachability factor (NFL superstar Gronk is their spokesman!). But it’s not smoke and mirrors — their broad-spectrum CBD line is almost shockingly good. See why more people are turning to CBDMEDIC for their CBD oil.

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CBDMEDIC has 15 years of pharmaceutical R&D behind them. They’re kind of like the pharmaceutical version of CBD topicals, without the actual pharmaceuticals. CBDMEDIC has a team with dazzling credentials and targeted branding that ooze trustworthiness. The fact that their CBD products are stocked in CVS doesn’t hurt, either.

Then, there’s Gronk. Their colorful spokesperson, a Superbowl champ, and household name who full endorses their lineup. It’s a genius choice, especially since the majority of the CBD line caters to localized pain, something professional athletes know all too well.

But what we really admire about CBDMEDIC is the top-notch quality of their actual CBD oil. Their independent lab tests show that their CBD topicals are broad-spectrum products, meaning they have other beneficial cannabinoids besides CBD.

The vast majority of CBD topicals are made with CBD isolate, meaning users do not get the benefits of multiple cannabinoids. And the more mainstream the vendor, the more likely they are to use CBD isolate in their products.

That’s what we feel makes CBDMEDIC so unique. They’ve managed to put broad-spectrum CBD topicals into the mainstream while maintaining the integrity of the cannabidiol itself. No easy feat and we’re actually pretty impressed.

90 Day Cookie Length

Conversions happening within a  within a 90-day window ensures you will get credit for the sale.

$50 Flat CPA Commission

Promoting the CBDMEDIC affiliate offer earns a $50 CPA on every sale.

20% Discount Funnel

CBDMEDIC affiliates use a 20% discount offer to incentivize their traffic, can double conversion.

CBDMEDIC offers CBD ointments, creams, sprays, and sticks that target localized pain. The other segment of their line is skincare, with CBD creams, ointments, and cleansers for a wide range of skin issues.

The icing on the cake? Their products are meticulously tested, cruelty-free, and have none of the nasty stuff like parabens, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrance. The brand certainly sets the bar high for others that want to get into your local drugstore. A hard act to follow.

How to Make Money Promoting CBDMEDIC

CBDMEDIC is a highly approachable brand that appeals to CBD newcomers. But the quality is so high, CBD veterans will be fans with one look at their third-party lab tests. Sprinkle in their relationships with CVS and Rob Gronkowski, and you’ve got a scalable winner. For these reasons and more, RevOffers is excited to offer CBDMEDIC as a winning advertising partner.

Sunday Scaries Affiliate Program

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