Why RevOffers

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is all about creating relationships between consumers and the companies (called Advertisers) and affiliates (called Publishers – meaning, anyone who promotes Advertisers) that offer products or services a consumer might want.

In the digital age, this is typically accomplished through a unique link that connects a customer back to a particular Publisher’s website, blog, or social media account.

The purpose of affiliate marketing is to incentivize fans, customers, and/or networks of Publishers to promote a given business.

Publishers get a portion of the profits an Advertiser generates from any customers who purchased from their unique affiliate link. (Affiliate links are often connected to a banner ad or other piece of promotional content.)

Is affiliate marketing right for visionary, for-benefit companies?

Our affiliate marketing is win-win, always. RevOffers isn’t like other affiliate networks that too often incentivize exploitative, unfair, and unethical digital marketing practices.

That’s because it’s not about money; it’s about time. What RevOffers really provides is an opportunity to build a hands-off income stream. As this income increases, the time needed to spend on digital marketing decreases.

When that happens, for-benefit companies have more opportunities to focus on inspiring the world with their business instead of on digital marketing and maximizing profits.

When profit maximization isn’t the primary goal, the transcendent purpose for your business is front and center. And THAT is where true, lasting success is found.

Here’s how RevOffers works for you and with you, as a partner

RevOffers is a true, holistic, equitable affiliate network, with reasonable payouts and no CPM restrictions. You pay on conversions only, and that means there’s little-to-no risk to you: In short, if you don’t make money, you don’t have to pay. We’re in this to help YOU.

First and foremost, we think of ourselves as a relationship facilitator with a higher purpose. What we’re offering is not just a transformative values-based business community, but also an opportunity for mutual, sustainable growth.

In short: We help connect for-benefit companies with ethical online marketers and Publishers with purpose-driven brands.

Here’s how RevOffers works for you and with you, as a partner

We know you’ve got bigger things on your plate. That’s why we designed RevOffers to be as painless as possible to get set up – and to align with the best interests of every stakeholder:

For Advertisers
You supply the creative and the offers you want to advertise, we’ll do the rest! RevOffers provides software to host and track performance-based offers, and access to Publishers.

For Publishers
We offer a one-stop-shop for multiple affiliate programs. We help connect Publishers to Advertiser offers, robust tracking and reporting, and manage the entire payment process (from Advertiser to Publisher) for one paycheck.

In return, we assess a modest override fee that’s a percentage of gross sales. There are no hidden charges, and no sketchy billing – ever. Just streamlined invoicing, billing, and payment for everyone. (You can also reach out to us anytime and a real person will address any questions you might have.)

What kinds of businesses does RevOffers work with?

Transformative brands and companies can span multiple verticals, and cover a lot of ground. In general, however, we seek out companies that transparently adhere to the values of Conscious Capitalism. The four keys to this system of business values are:

  • Having a higher purpose
  • Stakeholder integration
  • Conscious leadership
  • Conscious culture and management

In that sense, companies that embody these values can be in literally any industry, and range in size from solopreneurs to multi-billion-dollar corporate juggernauts.

We're committed to promoting brands and products that uplift humanity, that employ sustainable business practices, and help usher in this new paradigm for capitalism in the 21st century.

In particular, we support businesses on the bleeding edge who most need support to fulfill their missions:

Our Focus

Cryptocurrencies | Legal Cannabis | Nutraceuticals | Biohacking | Life Extension

Here’s what we bring to the transformative table:

  • Industry knowledge and marketing savvy. Our publishers and advertisers are beneficiaries of decades of collective experience in for-benefit industries.
  • Authority positioning.
  • Strong relationships. Let us leverage our long-standing relationships with top Advertisers and Publishers in the space.
  • We’re first movers AND fast followers. There are many “firsts,” but few “bests.” Until RevOffers, there wasn’t a strong centralized place for for-benefit Advertisers and Publishers to exchange services.
  • Exclusivity for you. Publishers benefit from managed services and software to track marketing effectiveness. Advertisers place their offers on our network only.
  • Innovative solutions. We’re constantly innovating content strategy, brand development, and social media marketing options.


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RevOffers is a performance-based advertising network for transformational health products and brands.

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